Living Sustainably

Living Sustainably

“Sustainability” we all come across this word almost every day but when we think of entering a journey of living sustainably, this thought could be daunting! Our ever-grown human population and the increased needs, have led to the depletion of our Home- Mother Earth. Today, our entire planet is suffering from climate change, global warming, melting of glaciers, scarce resources, pollution, extinction, and many more problems. But what are we individually doing to help our planet? Either we rely on government policies, companies or we just wait for someone to raise their voice and follow them, right? Well, it’s time we rethink and do something for our planet, us, and the future generations and create an individual impact.

Today I will tell you three simple ways which each one of us can incorporate in our daily lives and just live simply and sustainably:

  1. Save water, save yourself- Water is the most important part of our everyday lives. Without water, our survival is next to impossible. Even after that, consciously or unconsciously we tend to waste it, don’t we? While having an extra-long shower, keeping the taps open while cleaning, throwing drinking water, etc. all these habits lead to a lot of wastage on an individual level. So why not start being a little more serious and use water wisely cause if there’s no water, there won’t be any life left on this planet!
  2. Grow your own- With the increasing prices of vegetables and the number of pesticides used in them, we can start with our baby steps of growing our vegetables and fruits. The easiest way to start with it is to plant a couple of vegetables in pots and grow them with utmost love and care. Slowly with our organic waste, we can make manure for our plants.

Kitchen gardens have always been fascinating and it’s time for us to create one for ourselves. Let’s reduce consuming pesticides, eat clean and be green!

  1. Using Eco-Friendly Products- Since our childhood, we have been wired to use plastic in so many ways but if we can start using organic, chemical-free products in our daily life such as bamboo-based toothbrushes, edible spoons, menstrual cups, biodegradable garbage bags, reusable towels, etc. our life will become so much better. Using plant-based, eco-friendly, and reusable products, we all can make our life safer and become more responsible.

Hence, sustainable living could be a change in our mindset and may take longer for us to understand but this is the need of the hour, if now we don’t start acting then soon it will be too late for us to start. Let’s all of us start to rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle and together create an impact as they say-with little droplets of water, we can fill the entire ocean. And for once let’s not only think about ourselves and our needs but also for our planet and other living creatures as it is their home too!

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